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India's fastest growing celebrity platform for promotional cameo video.

The Faverou is a Personalized Video Shoutouts platform for Fans and Brands to request their favorite celebs for video messages and shoutouts for any occasion.

The Simsim Rubru Celefi cameo provide opportunity for company and brands to collaborate with top Bollywood celebrities and personalized celebrity video messages first time in India. Now Brands/Companies can request short promotional video shout out from any celebrities. Also collaborate on celebrities social media pages and influence their followers.

Personalised video messages from Celebs
PROMOTE YOUR BRAND with your favorite stars

Personalized and Brand Celeb Video Shootouts for For Any Occasion

Get custom celebrity videos to promote your brand, surprise your customers & employees, and much more

Brand Shoutout
Custom video of the celebrity promoting your product or your brand

Brand Wyshes
Personalized videos messages to your clients, customers, or employees

Social Post
Post brand content or brand shoutout on the celebrity’s social media pages

Much More…
Any other form of engagement with the celebrity, we will arrange it

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A celebrity endorsement, for 1 Lakhs

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The Cameo now lets celebrities film promotional videos for brands. Is this the future of influencer marketing?

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