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Terms and Condition

Age Limit: Open to all

  • Users will get the video within 7 days from the date of booking.
  • It’s a celebrity’s final discretion to accept or reject a video request. In case they reject, the entire booking amount will be refunded to the user. 
  • You have the right to use this video message for your personal, non-promotional, non-commercial purposes.
  • You do not have the right to edit, modify or re-sell this video for any fraudulent, misleading or commercial activities.
  • By purchasing the video shout-outs, users accept that they agree to the terms & conditions mentioned by the provider on their website.
  • Users shouldn’t ask for promotional messages for a brand or any other publicity causes, it should purely be a personalized message requirement.
  • The request message shouldn’t include something that a celebrity can be uncomfortable calling out.
    Recording or uploading of this stream is not permitted.
  • The time and date of the show may vary due to internet connectivity issues. In this case, the artist will share the revised date and/or timing at the earliest.
  • There may be interruptions in the stream due to internet connectivity issues.





The views expressed by the individual artists and performers (“Artist(s)”), either in course of their performance, or on their social media channels, or any third party channels and platforms, online or offline or otherwise (collectively, “Channels”), are solely their own and neither do they represent those of Celebrity Birthday Wishes nor are they endorsed in any manner by Celebrity Birthday Wishes, its associates and affiliates.


Artists at all times remain fully and solely liable and responsible for their actions, expressions and/or views. Celebrity Birthday Wishes will not be responsible for their actions, expressions and/or views, and any claims, damages, outrage arising due to the comments, pictures or videos posted by the Artists on the Channels.

Property Rights

Additionally, Celebrity Birthday Wishes shall not be held liable or responsible for any violation of intellectual property rights that may arise out of any Artist performance.
By registering yourself on Celebrity Birthday Wishes, you hereby expressly agree to the above terms.

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The request message shouldn't include something that a celebrity can be uncomfortable calling out.

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