Telugu Stars Price List for Birthday Wish

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Vijay Prakash : ₹19199
Ashish Vidyarthi : ₹6219
Vijay Yesudas : ₹19199
Bhargavi Pillai : ₹8579
Mukesh Rishi : ₹13299
Haricharan : ₹10939
Flora Saini : ₹3712
Kimaya Bhattacharya : ₹3270
Shankar Mahadevan : ₹34539
K S Chithra : ₹19200
Shaik Siva Nagoor Babu (Mano) : ₹19200
Shweta Pandit : ₹18357
Shweta Mohan : ₹15660
Payal Rajput : ₹13499
Mandolin U Rajesh : ₹13300
Noel Sean : ₹13300
Damera Sireesha : ₹12120
Samyukta Hornad : ₹12120
Naresh Iyer : ₹10940
Shishir Sharma : ₹9760
Mahhima Kottary : ₹9759
Shirin Kanchwala : ₹8875
Ashwini Reddy H : ₹8580
M.S Kaushal Prasad : ₹8580
Sunandha Mala Setti : ₹7990
Emmanuel : ₹7400
Prithiveeraj : ₹7400
Vyshnavee Rami Reddy : ₹7400
Durga Gade : ₹7400
Gummadi Umamaheshwari (Jayavani) : ₹7400
Nikhil S : ₹6810
Sammeta Gandhi : ₹6220
M. Ankitha : ₹6220
Madalsa Sharma : ₹6219
Madhusudan Arusam : ₹5630
Jyothi Labala : ₹5630
K. Uma : ₹5630
Meena Vasu : ₹5630
Sai Kiran Vissamraju : ₹5040
Rohini Reddi : ₹5040
Jayashree S Raj : ₹5040
Nukaraju : ₹5040
Kavya Shree : ₹5040
Nikhil Maliyakkal : ₹5040
Sujatha : ₹5040
Pulapati Roshini : ₹5040
Sri Krishnakaushik : ₹4450
Aqsa Khan : ₹4450
Gurugubelli Divya Sree : ₹4450
Rithu : ₹4450
Sadhana Pawan : ₹3860
Madhu Bala : ₹3860
Farnaaz Shetty : ₹3859
Naira Shah : ₹3270
Anu Manasa : ₹3270
Ankkita Rout : ₹3270
Sahithi : ₹3270
Sushma Gopal : ₹3270
Rakesh : ₹3270
Rithika : ₹2680
Pratyusha Patro : ₹2444
Preethi Aelay : ₹2444
Bindhu Bhargavi : ₹2326


Get personalized videos from famous and influential celebrities for any occasion. Birthday Wish is a unique celebrity engagement platform, where fans can book personalized video shootouts, greetings, wishes from their favorite celebrities for any occasion such as birthday, anniversary, graduation, congratulations or any other life celebrations. we have hundreds of celebrities ready to surprise you, your friends & family!

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Booking a personalized video from your favorite celebrity is a cakewalk. You just have to select the celebrity, share the details and pay the listed amount. Once the booking is confirmed, the video message will be shared with you on your contact number and email. Interacting with your favourite star is a satisfying experience. However, it is practically impossible for celebrities to personally interact with each and every fan. This is where Bollywish comes into the picture. Bollywish intends to give fans access to top celebrities and influencers across genres such as Bollywood, sports, music, social media and digital media.


We also provide brands and businesses with an opportunity to book a shoutout of their product or service. Just imagine how engaged and active their audience and how it could potentially increase your brand awareness and bring more leads? Need an employee recognition or promotion message? Want a celebrity to join your Virtual Event and make it more entertaining? Bollywish will take care of your needs!


Birthday Wish is a platform that helps you get personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities – TV actors, film actors, singers, music composers, sportspersons and others. The platform bridges the gap between celebrities and their fans. You can request for birthday greeting videos, celeb shout-outs, congratulatory messages and more.


What is the best way to contact the Birthday Wish team?

You can contact us at +91 8866672002 for any kind of personalized celebrity message. Our Birthday Wish talent manager will revert at the earliest.

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A: Whether its a celebrity birthday wishes or a video message from your favourite celebrity for any special occasion, Gonuts can turn this dream into reality. All you need to do is visit the Gonuts website and choose your favorite celebrity from various genres, price points and languages, write in your message, pay online, even using an EMI option or you can pay on delivery and we will deliver the personalized celebrity video to your WhatsApp within the stipulated time mentioned. It’s that simple. If you need help, kindly call our customer service number and we will be glad to assist you.




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A: People today want to gift something unique and different. Imagine the joy on your loved ones’ faces when they receive a birthday wish from their favourite celebrity! A personalized video is a video customized for someone with their name with a personalized message for them. This unique gift is sure to make someone feel special and give them a lifetime memory. So for any special occasion, what better way than to wow your loved one with a personalised celebrity video. Top businesses have hopped onto this trend to stand out In order to have a human touch to their customer engagement strategy. Receiving a video message from celebrities isn’t a tough nut to crack if you book online on Gonuts! Visit our website and follow the 4 simple steps, and there you go! A celebrity shoutout in your inbox.


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A: Personalized video message is a trend now, be it gifting a special one or using it for marketing purposes. Personalized video messages are tailor-made videos using the personal name and a personal message that you want to convey from the favourite celebrity of the person you are gifting. This is sure to grab attention and make someone feel special. So what are you waiting for? Visit Gonuts to book a celebrity personalized video for your loved ones or your clients or a celebrity shoutout for your brand or celebrity birthday wishes video for family & friends… you wish and we fulfill your request. Book now.

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HOW WILL I RECEIVE MY PERSONALIZED VIDEO MESSAGE? A: It's as easy as placing a food order on an app! You can visit the Gonuts website,choose from a list of 3000+ celebrities from different domains and languages. Type in a message for your loved one and select your preferred payment option(Don't miss our Pay On Delivery mode or EMI option. cool isn't it) and you're done! You will receive celebrity personal messages on your given email address or WhatsApp number.

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A: That’s a rare possibility. The reasons could vary from the fact that the celeb was unavailable, sick or unable to meet the expected timeline. If you had requested a celebrity shoutout or a personalized celebrity video at Gonuts, paid for it but did not receive it, then a refund shall be initiated and processed within 7-10 working days.

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Q: HOW TO BOOK CELEBRITIES FOR BIRTHDAY WISHES? A: Fandom isn't new to India and everyone dreams of a birthday wish from celebrity. However, booking a personalized celebrity video messages in India seems difficult, right? WRONG! Gonuts has got some good news, now booking celebrity birthday wishes or celebrity shoutout for your loved one is a piece of cake. Simply visit Gonuts website and follow the 4 simple steps and see your dearest one smile like never before.

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